Track child’s progress using Missions?

“Much just like the tale of Bill Hewlett and David Packard founding Hewlett-Packard in a Palo Alto garage during the depths of the Great Depression, a nice dirt of hagiography is already settling around Salman Khan’s lifestyles tale and the origins of the Khan Academy.If there was not anything new, Salman Khan would not have hundreds of hundreds of thousands of perspectives.

The Middle & Upper School crew at Khan Lab School.As a school, we’ve labored to standardize our definition of each Mastery Level across subjects in addition to Independence Levels. The fifth stage of “trainer” is a manner for college kids who’re enthusiastic about a idea, and who want to move above-and-beyond, to reveal their depth of skill by way of teaching a person else successfully. This is an extraordinary honor, and now not the expectancy.

Independence Practices are on the coronary heart of our school. One essential purpose of our school is to create unbiased, lifelong rookies. We have advanced an Independence Progression for students that starts offevolved at age five and continues till they may be profession-prepared. It includes skills which includes time management, awareness, and collaboration. We consider that none of those practices may be “mastered” with the aid of age 18 (and most possibly will by no means be mastered), so our evaluation of Independence Practices is multi-layered and uses a separate scale from our mastery scale.

For Independence, we use a three-stage evaluation of “demonstrates consistently,” “demonstrates unevenly,” and “never demonstrates.” When we assess independence, we depend on a couple of stakeholders to provide comments: Lead Advisors, Content Specialists, directors, and friends.

In comparing essential Qualities together with interest or empathy (a tough challenge), we assess for increase and reflection. We examine how a scholar has done relative to the expectancies for that revel in. For instance, in the context of a task, did the student meet expectations for showing curiosity? In a collaborative enjoy, did that student meet expectancies for obligation?

As a lab school, we’re constantly evaluating and enhancing the instructional experience for our college students, and we’re devoted to sharing our findings with instructors around the arena. We recognize we do no longer have all of the solutions, and that via dialogue with other educators and sharing of satisfactory practices, we are able to and could refine our practices.

In participating with Mastery Transcript Consortium schools, we are hoping to assist make sure mastery credits can be established externally – in part to make certain that we keep away from “mastery inflation” just like what we now see with grade inflation.

Although it’s miles regularly difficult, we are intentional in creating space to cognizance on pupil mastery and what it way throughout school divisions. We consciousness on our instructors and the way to teach and empower them to evaluate those skills. And most significantly, we recognition on our college students.

In assessing scholar gaining knowledge of and increase, we need to look past content understanding. Student wellness and achievement depend on much extra than mastery of academic content, and their engagement in studying will increase whilst we renowned this. At our school, we train and determine